MAYSEA Studio was born in a kaleidoscope

of imagination, purity and artistry.

A collaborative atmosphere where ideas

form a peculiar freshness that translate

into exotic identities.

Our values are founded in experience, 

quality, a good story and a drive for impact.

We thrive in environments where

expressive concepts develop from

the core of passion.

Where visions unfold into unique stories.

Where undecorated ideas grow into

telltale extraordinary brands.


That's what we call it.


Brands thrive on their ability to be understood.

People do too.

We know that.

Our ultimate goal is to provide branding + marketing services. With a portion of all projects, we create awareness for several organizations in developing countries. 

Everyday our mission is to create authentic designs with an eccentric innovation and aim for social change. We live by the notion that we are not only meant to be creative and committed, but also authentic and mindful. The nucleus of our philosophy lives at the intersection of clarity and intention.


We practice conscious business as our foundation for ethical creativity and sustainability.We build powerful designs as an opportunity to be able to give back and create change.


MAYSEA has an appetite for a good story,

is keen on working with passionate + cultured humans 

+ is globally inspired through adventuring out of comfort zones.

MAYSEA expresses the endless amounts of possibilities that exist. With rhythm like the tides of the sea, we are able to create a balance with combined variations of creativity mixed with heart-filled perspectives. The power of our minds has the ability to nurture and cultivate our wild ideas with an intentional purpose.
We are all a product of water with an organic remedy that leads us responsible for finding growth in the journey. The shape of our mind blossoms through all fluctuations in time. The key is, adjusting to that guidance. When we feel close to our intentional actions, we have a gravitational attraction to act with a higher light and full creativity. 
Our logo is designed with artistry and unique perspectives.
Water your ideas and nurture your mind.
Cultivate wild expressions.



MAYSEA was developed with deep thought and intentional value to transform passion into immersive experiences. It is proven that we are emotional decision makers, not rational spreadsheets. Orchestration is the big idea, the challenge and the practice.
It is not just about the design - it is about the innovative expressions that are created.
At MAYSEA, we design with all senses to create a wholehearted brand journey.