At MAYSEA, we transcribe passionate ideas into unique brands with intent for impact. 

We love brands that stem from a deep well of curiosity,

brands that give back. That is why we are here.

To us, a unique brand is an irreplaceable identity. 

We are not just building digital spaces,

we are defining the power of presence and transcribing existence in the world of digital. 

This is your brands DNA

S E R V I C E S 

A one-stop tech shop that builds a compass to strategically position the ethos of your brand so that it exists in its most powerful form

+ Web development 

+ Custom web applications 

+ Ecommerce solutions 

+ Web hosting

+ Data management 

+ Business intellegence development

+ Cloud computing


Get inside the head and heart of your idea, your business, your brand, your blockage and infuse effective inspired action

+ Mindset shifts

+ Brand evaluation session

+ Ideation leveling: ideas into action

+ Next steps in business

+ Act on your audience

+ Tea with Vee


Creating content that engages your market is where our love story begins

+ Product photography

+ Lifestyle photography

+ Portrait photography

+ Video production

+ Marketing collateral 

+ Graphics


Uncover your foundation and create an influential approach that articulates an unparalleled identity

+ Custom brand strategy

+ Brand blueprint

+ Branded mood board 

+ Brand personality & voice

+ Brand story & values

+ Brand naming 

+ Logo design


The art of words, the science of effectively delivering a message - our bread and butter

+ Website copy

+ Copywriting

+ Campaign messaging

+ Taglines

+ Brand messaging

+ Mantras & messaging 


Conceptualize and develop your social profile to intrigue your audience and compel them to act

+ Campaigns

+ Consulting

+ Management 

+ Curating 

+ Strategy