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#RAWNICARAGUA | Me, You, & Nicaragua

February 20, 2018

Dear Nicaragua,


Your children are so sweet. Your rice and beans are delicious. You are so raw, and organic, yet so lovely.

Completely in your natural state you thrive. A place of absolute rugged beauty. I must admit, you are most beautiful the way you are. Like most things in life, humans won't actually believe it until they experience it themselves. As I like to explain it to others, adventuring out of your comfort zone is an intense treat around here. There is something so wonderfully comforting about being completely removed from what you know and placed where you haven't the faintest idea of what's to come.

Big love is a big thing around here. Locals are inquisitive creatures. Grateful humans full of generosity and curiosity. Each day special in its own way. Every encounter soaks in the soul in a unique way. It is a feeling unlike any other. It sticks with you. Learning to open your mind and heart is inevitable. There is one memory specifically, a day that will live in my heart forever. It all started with a man named Chico. In my eyes, a legend. Out of the pureness of his heart, guided us four hours through the jungle across flowing rivers and muddy paths on a wooden plank pulled by two ox while listening to howling monkeys leading us to a school full of the most loving souls. The heartfelt. The sounds. The smiles. The wholehearted warmth. The passion that lives in the eyes of these humans. The adventure it took us to get there. This is forever engraved in my heart. The sky was glowing and the moon was a perfect little crescent watching over us. The feels were flowing. Love was so sweet. Smiles were so big. Dance moves so silly. Laughs so deep. Hearts so full. Time was well spent. The favor was returned in the most unforgettable and genuine way. It wasn't just a feeling anymore, it was a deep sense of gratefulness for the beauty that lives in this world. We were taken on horses to an uncharted and unexplored waterfall deep in the jungle.  A place only the local villagers knew about. It was their place of magic. Their way to show thanks. And let me tell you, this was the most divine place we had ever been too.  


We were five people on this trip. Five people with twelve suitcases full of things to give. We went to seven orphanages and gave to hundreds of the most loving kiddies. I couldn't be more thankful for places like you, Nicaragua. Your raw beauty filled us humans up. 


No matter the barriers, humanity is our ultimate community. We live in a beautiful world. 


Love always, 

The Give n' Go Project






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