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AJR PHOTOGRAPHY | Creative Writing

July 30, 2018

This was written in collaboration with Anthony J Rayburn Photography. 


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"Anthony Jarry Rayburn has been passionate about culture, the ocean, and travel from birth. Having lived across numerous seas from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean, Anthony’s passion for documenting stories through images is engraved in all of his work. His French and American dual citizenship has created unique and worldly perspectives that have led him to great ventures and an enthralling photography forte. From documenting the reconnaissance for the Rally of Morocco to living on a boat in South Florida, Anthony has pushed experiential boundaries to create illuminating images. To him, it is not just the technicality of an image but the immersion and culture of which he wholeheartedly portrays with his subjects creating natural images with a tell-tale story. With spending much of his life on the ocean, he counts sailing, traveling, and all things salty among his leading passions.


Anthony’s expertise in photography has stretched boundaries in the field, creating inspiring work that captures diverse subjects of places, spaces, and faces. Fittingly, a significant part of Anthony’s career as a photographer has been engaged in the ocean, sailing, travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors. Anthony has supported international productions and been commission for high profile advertising campaigns for global brands and tourism boards all over the world. Anthony has a rare flair for capturing the entrenched stories and aesthetic aspects of subjects to create powerful and meaningful work. While Anthony’s career has taken him across the globe, an inherent craving for the ocean is deep-rooted in his work with a tantalizing connection to light and the story behind places, spaces, and faces.


His commitment to his work is portrayed in his optimistic approach and easygoing character. He endeavors to rally fresh boundaries, engross in new opportunities and continues to crave artistic perspectives, ceaselessly searching for thought-provoking positions on his images."




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