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FABER WEDDING: Alyssa + Austin | Site Content

July 30, 2018



Here is how it went down ….


Imagine you walk in for a job interview that ‘some guy’ you did not even know referred you to. You are locked out of the door and really have to go to the bathroom. Finally, ‘some guy’ opens the door to let you in. You go right to the bathroom and put your laptop on the edge of the sink. You rush into the stall to do your business and come out to find your laptop submerged in water right before your presentation interview. Well, that’s Alyssa’s pre-Austin moments.


Austin opens the door to let Alyssa in after the little catastrophe (little did he know he is the one who referred Alyssa for this job). Alyssa, of course, plays it cool. Meanwhile, Austin walks down the hallway at the office back to his desk and mumbles under his breath “Oh boy, I’m in trouble”.  Sure enough, he knew it from the first moment. 


Fast forward weeks after and Austin starts making moves. Showing up to Alyssa’s apartment with two bouquets of flowers for her & her roommate (or maybe both for just Alyssa because he wasn’t sure what kind of flowers she liked). Austin did it right!


Shortly after many Saturday beach days, Austin started visiting Alyssa’s family in North Carolina for the holidays and long weekends. He could not have fit in more perfectly with the Miller family. Fortunate yet unfortunate, the first months of their relationship was kept a secret because they both worked in the same department at FOX Sports (yes, if you didn’t put it together yet, Alyssa ended up getting the job with a wet laptop). Because their relationship was a secret for quite some time, this led into Austin getting cropped out or photoshopped in many family gathering photos that went on social media. These were not the only funny moments though, keeping a relationship a secret is not easy when not only do you see each other every day but you also work in an environment where everyone was pretty close. This made for multiple hilarious moments which will be shared at the wedding.


As months passed on, everyone who knew Alyssa and Austin knew that what they found their magic in each other and also a sense of peace to believe in love. It is truly a love story full of laughs, sunshine, soul, light, and a love that is indispensable. Their unique hearts create a loving and welcoming home to their friends and family. Their love is one to believe in.




It was the 4th of July at the infamous Miller beach house in Ocean Isle. Austin and Alyssa’s family came together just to celebrate American Independence Day. Why not just celebrate America? Well, that wasn’t the only thing they were celebrating. Little did Alyssa know what was in front of her. The fireworks were popping and Alyssa was running around with sparklers in her hands happy as a clam. Then, the music switches to the song H.O.L.Y. by Florida Georgia Line and Austin walks up to Alyssa and asks her to put the waving sparklers down. Alyssa says “why?” and slowly places the burnt-out sparklers on the ground without a clue what was about to happen. Austin gets on one knee and pops the question.  Alyssa covers her mouth in utterly amazed shock and says yes full of joy and happiness. You can hear the moms, Taduh and Barb, in the background screaming with bliss. It was truly magical to have both their families there on the beach, with fireworks, in a loving place during the most beautiful moment.





On May 25, 2019 Alyssa and Austin will be getting married in the British Virgin Islands. This will be a small gathering of the closest friends and family. St. John is a special place not only in its beauty but it was also a place that brings back beautiful moments with Taduh. The festivities will take place during the week approaching Saturday, May 25th with the intent to bring their closest humans together under the Caribbean sun. We will cheers to sunshine, love, happiness, this beautiful world, the beautiful people around us, and most of all Alyssa & Austin as they venture into this next stage of their life.





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